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Time Breakdown Of Modern Web Design

Time Breakdown Of Modern Web Design

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August 19, 2009

donka86 on February 7, 2010: Absolutely not true.
TwatSticker on February 7, 2010: What about the unbillable time wasted creating derogatory graphs about your pathetic profession? Look kids, if you don't like web design, find a different job!
eevinko on February 7, 2010: Wow, that actually makes sense dude. I like it. RT
ShamballaJones on February 7, 2010: Of course it's true; Unless you don't give a damn about making your pages work on anything other than the current release of IE that is. Other browsers are built to be used, IE is built to hinder the competition - if you don't understand that you really don't understand how the industry works.
mozer on February 7, 2010: true bro! 100% accurate!
druiven on February 7, 2010: come on, if you are w3c compatible, you will not need so long time for IE, other than an excuse for the project manager. IE 6 is strange, but really sometimes more strict than FF. Why are we commenting something from august 2009 anyway, with a graphic from 2006? :-)
brad_son on February 7, 2010: because digg users are always behind the curve, but still think they are 'whoa omg bleeding edge of interweb bro'
takezero on February 7, 2010: The graphic is true. Anyone who says otherwise clearly doesn't spend enough time doing actual web design. Internet Explorer is a tumor on the internet.
MrApples on February 7, 2010: Maybe for nubs, like most "web designers". If you actually know what your doing, it works the first time in every browser, no tables. If you don't believe me, you can check out my recode of @ Same look, same functionality, no hacks, 20% the code. I'm no friend of internet explorer, but the truth is web designers suck a hell lot more. Go back to making pie charts and pretty pictures.
DenisesArt on February 7, 2010: Friggin' funny! I totally agree!!!
danceprometheus on February 7, 2010: And not to mention the 99.9% of the time working on SEO. Old Town Electrician 587 King Street Alexandria VA 22314 (703) 350-4738
dalehurley on February 7, 2010: I have to disagree MrApples. First time perfect CSS and XHTML would mean you're a saint. It would take a few goes to get it consistent across browsers. Looking at there is a big "WHOOPS!" What is this <b>&bull;</b>? bold tags! and a bullet using the HTML syntax. Oh you also used pipes in-between the list of nav! There is also in-line CSS. If you are going to flame all other designers and use an example, at least an example of properly formed XHTML!
MrApples on February 7, 2010: "This document was successfully checked as XHTML 1.0 Strict!". Your being foolish. I'm sure that xhtml is better formed than anything you've ever made, and did you bother to compare with the original
MrApples on February 7, 2010: Besides, all you've cited are a few preferences of mine, barely a big "WHOOPS!". They could be fixed to conform to your standards in 5 minutes, no?
dexterkee on February 8, 2010: @donka86: Well, donka, first try to finish your college, get started working in the web sphere, forget the theory you've learnt, and you'll change you're mind. Probably most of those saying that it's funny and also true have much more experience than you have and have their reasons of saying that.
tapius on February 8, 2010: MrApples, most of the links on your form on arent up. just FYI. nothing to special about that login page either. Im not saying your not a great web developer, its just not such a complex page either.
Kaonyx on February 8, 2010: What about time pointlessly spent conforming to standards like xhtml when the page is served as text/html anyways.
MrApples on February 8, 2010: taipus, context. was a clone of's front page in look and functionality to prove a point; that the original designers ought to be fired for wasting all that time. People comparable to whoever made this pie chart.
joshsten on February 15, 2010: Apples, that site is almost nothing, and it is quite bland. Do anything that gets a little crazy client side and I think your ideals fall apart. It's like me creating a couple of sentences, submitting it to the "grammar notzies", and then claiming if they come out right that I am a "better" writer than most, when everyone else is writing a book. Large scale projects with alot of dynamic client side scripting do require some alot of extra tuning with I.E. You seem to have an elitism complex. You have no knowledge of these others you are discounting, their experiences, or what kind of work they do. Your generalizations hurt your credit on the matter. Just imo.

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